The Passion of Songwriting with Faith Rheault. E19 on yWrite with Angela Grout

Singer, Songwriter and Performer Faith Rheault (pronounced Rowe) from Agawam, writes her own lyrics and music! Her beautiful and unique voice has been compared to a mix of lightening and honey. A self taught guitarist who began writing music shares her process of writing, recording, and performing live. 

Faith and yWrite host Angela Grout discuss the process of songwriting, which often begins as a poem however the music which Faith hears is on another level than just hearing a muse. Faith shares the inspiration behind her lyrics "When The Fairy Tale Ends, Let's Pretend."

A clip of her singing is included- I think she sounds like Adele, others say Nora Jones..but truthfully she the unique and talented Faith Rheaut.

She was recently named one of the Best New Singers of Western Mass and awarded as one of the Top Five for 2023.

For more information on Faith Rheault follow these links:


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