Screenwriting with Hollywood's Scriptwriting Goddess Linda Bergman on yWrite with Angela Grout E20

Scriptwriter Linda Bergman lives in Studio City and has written 24 films, and sold scripts for production to CBS, ABC, Lifetime, and much much more! Linda and yWrite Host Angela Grout discuss writing for screen, the deadlines, rewrites, outlines, edits, income, and the classes/mentorship she offers.

Her experience an expertise in family drama and strong women's stories . Angela worked with her for the movie script for APRIL RAiN. Their serendipitous meeting lead to Angela's discover of her main character in APRIL RAiN is a character named Victoria.

Linda is the former Director of Program Development for Series and Movies with MGM Television and received many awards including The Alpha Award for Excellence in Children's Programming, The Prestigious Writer's Guild Award, an Access Award, and an Emmy nomination!

Her book SO YOU THINK YOUR LIFE IS A MOVIE is a top rated guide on script writing and her classes are popular online, in person, and at writers conferences, including the International Women's Writers Guild.

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For info on her classes email her at [email protected]

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