Elina Morozov's secret to writing authentic Fictional Historical Romance on yWrite w/AngelaGrout E13

Author Elina Treshin Morozov discusses her love of the Victorian Era and why writing Historical Fiction brings her such joy to create characters, research authenticity, and engage readers with romance on this episode of @yWrite with Host Angela Grout.

Morozov's first novel: Passion and Propriety: Emilie's Story is available on Amazon. Morozov shares the process of writing ideas, scenes, chapters and more on napkins. Author Angela Grout and Elina Morozov discuss the downloads that come with their characters in unchartered moments of inspiration. Grabbing the moment to document a download of ideas, information, and story particles is the choice of a writer. 

Assembling the scraps of paper, notebooks of research, and clearing time to work on chapters is dedication. Learn how to make time to follow your goals, as well as create the final draft. Elina Morozov announces that her character Emilie in her first novel may have more to say....so stay tuned for a Sequel!  







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