A Promise from Mike Tourville Evolves a Book to a Movie to Podcasting @yWrite with Angela Grout E6

Michael Tourville ⁠has become a podcast host of ⁠THE HEALING VOICES PROJECT ⁠which was birthed after his book VOICES FROM THE FALLEN was written. The journey of an author unfolds with our story, and both Mike & I can attest to this. As Mike shares, his first novel, A PROMISE TO ASTRID was a story he wrote after experiencing the kindness of a neighbor. His way to pay her back for the miraculous and spiritual intervention she presented him with. 

As Mike began his author journey, he found himself with the opportunity to have his book⁠ A PROMISE TO ASTRID ⁠produced as a movie. The faith based film has been shown in churches an communities uplifting belief that there is a higher power among us which when called upon, good actions make the world a better place. The small act of kindness which Astrid brought to Michael's life, has a ripple effect which the movie certainly shows.

Michael and I both have evolved through our writing, as we both are hosting podcasts and neither of us had considered that part of our journey. Now we love it! 

Writing his second book, ⁠VOICES FROM THE FALLEN ⁠shares the stories of those who suffered and died because of an addition. That book is what brought him the opportunity to host a podcast which he interviews living people sharing their stories of addiction, grief, recovery, and courage. It take courage to share, and it takes courage to write. The courage Michael Tourville has to help others is certainly a reflection of his kind heart and Astrid's promise to help others.

Watch the episode and learn how he got started, and how it grew to where it is now. His story includes parts of Kirk Jonah's story, as they were childhood friends. Kirk Jonah was last week's⁠ yWrite ⁠guest. Kirk's son, Jack Jonah's first person story is told in Tourville's VOICES FROM THE FALLEN book. It is a must read for anyone grieving and needing courage to overcome an obstacle.

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