The Murder of Jessica Briggs Innocent Motives and Guilty Secrets

The discovery of Jessica Brigg's murder unravels a series of secrets. When the DNA extracted from the autopsy forces investigators to narrow in on a suspect; one of their own could be involved. Victoria Mallard knows more than just the facts of the autopsy. Struggling to do the right thing, she must chose to protect an innocent man or the one she needed to trust. Choosing to do the right thing, she shares she is guilty of more than just protecting a dirty cop. With the help of the Mae Williams, Victoria risks her own life to protect her daughter; leaving Jessica's murder unsolved for years. Innocent people make morally wrong decisions everyday leaving ripple effects for future generations. Discovering who killed Jessica Briggs and left her discarded like animal bait for days sickens and scares the small town of Tymingsly. APRIL RAiN echoes sorrow, compassion and empathy leaving a reality about the truths of friendship, loyalty, and the repercusions of protecting secrets.


  • Copyright April 2018. Publication August 2019 1st edition
  • ISBN# 9781099937248
  • 339 pages
  • Printed in the USA. CreateSpace 7290 Investment Drive, Suite B; North Charlestown, SC 29418

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