Embracing Passion with Angelic Wisdom

Hi! Welcome to my virtual home! I love to explore what-if situations with pen and paper. It gives me an opportunity to see my thoughts and develop stories. I write stories to entertain my own imagination and heal my own anxieties. I am an avid writer and have been journaling for years to document moments in my own life as well as others. With a passionate calling to write, my intuition and faith guide me to share. I released my first book in 2015, and I began this Author page, for the millions of fans who want to read more. Well, I do appreciate the one fan I have in you. Thank YOU for being interested in checking out my page. I enjoy writing therefore, I am honored that you have found my site to read more!

I was born Angela Shuman, named Angel A since I was my parent's first angel; Angel B was my twin who never became a human. If you like to play with words like I do, I am an angel as a human (AngelasHuman). We all are. It may be said that angels don't walk the earth, but I believe we all walk with hidden wings. Our wings allow us to share our passion with others. Singers fly with their voices, writers fly with their voices on a page. What do you fly with? Whatever your talent, hobby, or passion is, do it. I often remind my kids, (my birth children, godchildren, and students) if what you love can make the world a better place for others and for you, then you have to just do it.

Besides my passion for writing, I LOVE flowers. I have been a florist for over three decades; owning my own shop since 1997. There is magic in the universal language of a bloom. I love creating messages with flowers. Flowers have a huge healing energy. Their language is divine. The energy within a flower always touches not only the recipient but also all those who come in contact with the flower. My own hands have held over a million roses, and each has had their own uniqueness. The experiences I witness and participate in are magical, amazing, and beautiful; and they also gift me a way for me to alleviate the stress my own empathic soul endures. Unwinding from a day of grieving families, micromanaging perishable products, designing to meet deadlines, and saving countless relationships caused me to seek therapy in my journal. Documenting my days, my feelings, and my own opinions paved a way for me to realize that I need to write to stay sane.

I began writing fiction after taking MasterClasses with James Patterson, and Margaret Atwood. JP gifted me guidance to begin a story with the end in mind, and Author Margaret Atwood allowed me to explore sharing my what-if scenarios honestly. She said, "Every experience in a book has happened somewhere in the world, maybe just not in my world."

When bad things happen, we want them to make sense, have a purpose, and most importantly have a reason to why. There is no answer to why evil exists in the world, but in trying to find peace, I write.

As a Christian, I know the power of a story. Through storytelling, wisdom, guidance, entertainment, and heartfelt moments exist. The spirit which nudged the authors of the Bible to write their stories, is alive still today. I know it as the Holy Spirit, and I am thankful to witness its presence in my life. The many books I have read over the years, most especially the Bible, has served as a spiritual medium for me; healing, guiding, and entertaining! The hope I have for those who read my books is that they are at least entertained, however if the spirit gifts hope, healing, and a heartfelt moment, for even one person, my purpose will be fulfilled.

I've learned no one's purpose is ever completely over. Each life has purpose which ebbs and flows as we grow. It evolves, and I am constantly in awe. Every experience we have, hear about, and witness leads us. When I was two, I learned to dance, and took lessons for over twenty years, becoming a teacher for twelve more. I still dance today however I do most of my tapping on a keyboard which has given me opportunity to meet some amazing people especially during the lockdown of the 2020 pandemic. Being a part of online and local writers' groups has helped me to develop my confidence in storytelling.

The world can be a complicated place, but within the binding of a book there is comfort, conversation, control, and common ground. Please contact me or write a review if you enjoyed one of my stories. Thank you...and keep making the world a more joy filled place with all that you do. I'm based in Massachusetts!


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